How to Prepare to Install a Septic Tank

Septic Tank

How to Prepare to Install a Septic Tank

How to Prepare to Install a Septic Tank

So, you are getting ready to install a septic tank in your home. Whether you are replacing an existing septic system or installing an entirely new system, there are some steps you can take as the homeowner to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. Remove the old septic tank

Of course, the first step to installing a new septic tank, if you have a pre-existing tank, is to remove the original one. Make sure to schedule with your plumber to ensure you have enough time to troubleshoot any possible setbacks.

  1. Get a percolation test

These tests are done before installation to measure how well your existing soil will filter waste water from your system, as well as to ensure a system can be supported by the soil. You may need to adjust the soil before installation, so make sure you schedule this in advance with your plumber.

  1. Make sure you have drinking water

During a septic tank installation, your water will be turned off during the process. This means you need to have enough drinking water for you and your family for that time. Stock up on water before!

  1. Decide how you'll shower and use the bathroom

Your plumber may suggest that you hire a portable bathroom to be brought in for workers and your family. However, you will still need to plan a place where you can shower. This means you may have to book a hotel, or plan to use a friends' or family members' bathroom.

  1. Tell your neighbors

This big of a project may be disruptive to your neighbors, so make sure you let them know of your plans. They will appreciate the heads-up!

  1. Clear the lawn

Clear the area where installation is happening of debris and lawn furniture. It'll make the process a little quicker and will allow a clear path for the technicians working.

  1. Follow proper maintenance

After the installation, research how to properly take care of your new septic system.