The Importance Of Slab Leak Repair

Is something sinister under your slab? If you notice water on the floors or higher humidity in your home, you could have a plumbing leak under the foundation. Another sign is higher water bills. While it may seem like a nightmare for you, it's quite repairable for us. In fact, The Pink Plumber plumbing company in Atlanta and Tampa has provided slab leak repair for many years. We use state-of-the-art technology to locate the leak and then provide any number of methods to fix the problem. Trust our professional plumbers to perform the job right the first time. We are careful, thorough, and fully equipped to address the problem. In order to check beneath your surface and spot signs of leaking, we utilize high-tech plumbing equipment and reliable industry methods. Some of the processes we may perform on your home include visual inspections, acoustic surveys, line tracing, and isolation. Each home's plumbing system is different, so we tailor our methods to your property's specific plumbing layout.

We Fix Leaks Fast!

Just because your pipes are out of sight, doesn't mean they are undamaged. When something goes wrong with your pipes, there could be many consequences. Avoid additional damage by relying on us for foundation and slab leak repair for your Tampa or Atlanta home. We methodically inspect your plumbing system until the problem is located. The primary problems people encounter with leaking pipes under their slabs include increased water bills, wet baseboards, and higher home humidity. If the leak is bad enough, it could even soak into your carpet and damage your floors. When it is time for slab leak repair for your Atlanta or Tampa home, come to us for professional and orderly service. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we do not need to break up large sections of the slab to access your pipes. Our skilled plumbers use an innovative process known as pipelining and other methods that allow us to repair lines underneath the slab.

The Need For Slab Leak Detection

Get to the source of the problem with our help. Instead of taking a guess, we precisely locate the leak. This minimizes damage, saves us time, and saves you money. Whether it's a broken pipe or groundwater is soaking your slab, we offer affordable and accurate solutions for you. Even though we try to cater to your budget as much as possible, we also offer financing so you can spread out payments over a certain length of time.