What Is A Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters also called instantaneous, continuous flow, inline, flash, on-demand, or instant-on water heaters are gaining in popularity. These high-power water heaters instantly heat water as it flows through the device, and do not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil. Copper heat exchangers are preferred in these units because of their high thermal conductivity and ease of fabrication.

Tankless heaters may be installed anywhere in the home including outside. This makes installation much easier than retrofitting a new tanked water heater. The main advantages of tankless water heaters for your Atlanta or Tampa home are a plentiful continuous flow of hot water (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heated hot water from conventional tank water heaters), and potential energy savings under some conditions. The main disadvantage of these systems are their high initial costs (equipment and installation). Since it only consumes energy when being actively used, it is an economical and environmentally friendly option for your home.

Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater

Not only will a tankless water heater for your Tampa or Atlanta home save you money on your energy bills, but it will also save valuable space within your home since these systems do not require large holding tanks as their traditional counterparts do. This can free up some space in your basement for extra storage, or a kid's play area.

Another feature that makes these new, more modern heaters very popular is the fact that it is virtually impossible to run out of hot water. It only takes a few consecutive showers to deplete a traditional heater's tank. Afterward, it is necessary to wait until the tank's contents are heated once again before you can access hot water. With a tankless water heater system for your Atlanta or Tampa home, the supply is continuous and plentiful.

Tankless hot water systems have proven to be more durable than traditional systems. Reports indicate that they can last as much as 10 years longer. Therefore, they can be the wisest investment from a longer-term perspective, despite their higher initial cost.

Tankless Water Heater Options

Tankless water heaters are available in natural or propane gas models. You can also choose between a single whole-home model or several points of use models that are usually installed near where hot water is used, such as under the kitchen or bathroom counter.

Tankless Water Heater Options