Will Heavy Rain Affect My Septic System?

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Will Heavy Rain Affect My Septic System?

Will Heavy Rain Affect My Septic System?

Spring showers are here! With all this excess rain in your septic drainfield, you may be concerned about your septic system. Heavy rain may flood your drainfield, causing water to come out of the septic tank and into your yard. This can lead to toilets and sinks backing up inside, as well as sewage leaks into groundwater and other water sources. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent all of this.

Before the Rain

  1. The most important thing you can do to prevent heavy rain damaging your septic tank or yard is to make sure you keep your septic system in top shape. If you don't regularly maintain your system, there may be issues like sediment buildup that will be exacerbated by the rain.

  2. Redirect any runoff water so that it moves away from your drainfield. This will reduce the amount of water in the drainfield. In addition, keep gutters clear of debris and direct them away from the drainfield.

  3. As always, do not drive over your drainfield. The weight of the vehicle or machinery will compact the soil and reduce its absorbency.

During a Storm

  1. Look for signs of stress like pooling water, slow drains and noises coming from drains. These can be a sign that there is a clog somewhere in the tank.

  2. Limit the amount of water you use during heavy rain. If you don't need to do laundry or a load of dishes during a storm leave it for when the weather clears. Checking and fixing any water leaks in your home will also reduce the amount of water sent into your septic tank.


  1. If water in the drainfield doesn't clear when the rain stops, call a plumber to inspect your septic system. They will do a thorough investigation to determine what is causing water to back up into your yard.

  2. Make sure the septic tank is checked for any buildup of silt or other debris that may have been washed in from the rain.